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The Basics

More and more pet owners are getting enthusiastic about introducing CBD for their pets. 

People who have included CBD in their personal daily routine seem  confident and enthusiastic about introducing CBD to their pets too. 

Taking care of pets is undoubtedly not an easy task. Taking care of the physical and mental health of pets could sometimes go beyond control. 

This article aims to answer a set of questions you could have in mind while buying CBD products for your pets. 

Which CBD Products Are Best for My Pet?

Keep in mind the following aspects while choosing the right CBD product for your pet.

  • CBD products for pets must be pure and toxic-free.
  • It must be THC free, Soy-free, Gluten-free, and Non-GMO
  • They should be exclusively made for pets and bear appropriate labels that contain information on potency, quantity, and dosage instructions. 
  • Standard CBD products are reviewed by third-party lab tests.

You must be aware that CBD can be delivered to your pet in different forms. CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD dental sticks, etc.

Nordic Oil
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Say Hello to NatuPet

Your pet can too benefit from CBD. Because feeling good is not just for humans anymore.

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Natupet CBD products for pets are made from 100% organically sourced highest quality hemp. Natupet CBD comes in beef and chicken aromas that could suit your dog’s taste, and Cat formulations of CBD oil are enhanced with fish oil. The advantage of these flavors is that it can be easily infused with food or administered orally.

What are pet-specific CBD Products

CBD products deliver benefits to humans and animals in a similar fashion. But CBD products for humans and pets differ in concentration or potency. That is why it is highly recommended to use pet-specific CBD products for your pets. 

The potency range of CBD products for pets is 3-10%. Comparatively much lower than the CBD products for human use that range from 5-15%.

Another aspect that qualifies CBD specifically for pets is that it has to be free from terpenes, flavonoids, or unwanted ingredients. Natural pet palatable aromas suit them well. 

How to give pets CBD

There is nothing much to get worked up with giving CBD to your pets. 

A planned nutritious diet keeps your pets healthy and active. Similarly, pets can adopt CBD as a part of their routine.

  • You could orally administer CBD oil directly into your pet’s mouth. For the first time, hold your pet relaxedly. Just take the required dosage in a dropper and just squeeze the CBD oil in the inner gum of your pet.

Before you do so, you can train your pet by telling them what you are giving them. This helps you to administer CBD easily. As they learn to show better cooperation. Once trained, your pets would come running to your call to get their daily dosage from you!

  • Another way is to infuse CBD in their food. This is the easiest method. But the only disadvantage is that if your pet does not finish the food at one go, it could be difficult for you to measure dosage.
  • Some pet parents add CBD oil to the pet’s water bowl. This is indeed an easy method too, but there could be wastage. 

For example, if you are mixing CBD oil in water, it wouldn’t get dissolved. It might alter the taste of the water. 

  • Use CBD as a treat for good behavior. Or a token of appreciation after an active playtime. CBD treats or chewable could be very suitable for this purpose. Also, feeding dry food is always easier. Just make sure to calculate the percentage of CBD in a single dose.

CBD oil for Pets

CBD is cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound that is abundantly found in the hemp variety of cannabis plants.This naturally occurring compound is separated from the plant using standard extraction methods.

Since Cannabis extracts are highly lipophilic they combine well with lipids or fats. Hence, it needs a carrier oil through which it could deliver its potential. Some of the commonly used carrier oils are Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Cumin seed oil, Palm oil, etc. 

CBD oil for Pets is made from pure hemp oil. They also come in pet-friendly aromas that could help them absorb CBD better. Different concentrations are available to suit your pet size and weight.

The advantage of CBD oil is that it could be administered in multiple ways. Oral ingestion, infusing with food or  mixing it with water Each method helps deliver the benefits of the phytocannabinoid that gets absorbed by the body. Also, while introducing CBD oil to your pet, you can start with a low dosage and gradually alter the quantity. Remember to consult your veterinarian.

CBD Treats for Pets

All pets love treats, don’t they! 

Especially if the treat is tasty, crunchy, and in pet-friendly flavors, they look forward to the time or activity. They would ensure to show you their best behavior to win the treat as well as your heart.

Pet treats are generally made of meat combinations mixed with vegetables, cereals, fats, oils, or other additives. Treats for specific pets are packed with different flavors that would instantly capture their sense of smell. 

Therefore, CBD infused with treats is an easy way to give your pets their daily CBD dose.

CBD chews for pets 

How many times have you googled to find solutions for how to stop my dog chewing my shoes?

Pets are also like humans. Babies during their teething period love to bite something. Thanks to all the toys that are made for the teething phase.  

Similarly, puppies feel an irresistible urge during their teething period and take the opportunity to chew anything. From table corners, toilet paper, walls, and whatnot? 

They probably do it to suppress the tingling sensation or pain. Older dogs also show chewing tendencies when they are bored.

Leaving shoes for the dogs, Cats, on the other hand, try their strength on other household items. Sometimes, on dangerous things that are beyond imagination. 

Although we love and cherish these naughty activities of our pets, many times , it turns into a problem. The solution to this is chewables for pets. 

CBD infused in chewable is the best alternative to avoid your pet chewing unwanted items. At the same time, they absorb the natural ingredients by chewing.  

CBD dental sticks

Generally, dental sticks help prevent plaque formation or calculus accumulation, gingivitis, and foul smell. And CBD dental sticks play a similar role in providing overall dental care for your dogs.

Research on the prevalence of periodontal diseases in dogs gives a detailed report on the various dental issues and other related health problems that dogs are prone to.

Some important notes from the study could be supportive here:

  • Estimates report that periodontal diseases (PD)rank among the top two or three disorders affecting companion dogs. 
  • In the US, as high as 80% of companion dogs are reported to be affected by tooth diseases. By two years, they become susceptible to PD.
  • Dental calculus, missing teeth, infection, and gum inflammation are other related dental disorders affecting dogs.
  • Studies report the risks of developing systemic diseases in dogs as an associated consequence of prolonged dental disorders.

Pet parents adopt preventive measures like daily brushing of dog’s teeth. But, they tend to discontinue due to practical difficulties. Moreover, in conditions like gingivitis, dogs could require frequent brushing to maintain oral health. 

Therefore, the next option to avoid dental diseases in dogs is dental sticks. CBD dental sticks are easy to bite and suitable for sensitive teeth.

A quick wrap up

To sum up this quick cbd product for pets guide, keep in mind the following points.

  • More pet owners are proactive in trying out CBD for their pets as the cbd market is flooded with plenty of brands. Hence it becomes your responsibility to choose the best and not compromise on quality and price. 
  • Remember to settle on pet-specific cbd products.
  • Before you make your purchase, speak to the customer support team, and clarify all your questions.
  • Consult and discuss with your Veterinarian your idea of introducing cbd to your pet
  • CBD oil for pets is a good start that comes in pet-friendly aromas and is easy to administer
  • CBD treats are an effortless alternative to the cbd oil that comes in added flavors that could be good playtime accompaniment to get you and your pet into action.
  • CBD chews and CBD dental sticks are a treat to your pets to encourage their natural chewing instinct.

David is our expert for all things concerning CBD and your four-legged friends. Animals often need special attention and care and that's David’s specialty, but he’s also an expert in all CBD topics, so whatever your question, he's happy to help.

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