CBD oil for Cats

What is CBD oil for cats?

CBD oil for cats contains CBD derived from the hemp variety of cannabis plants. It is mixed with pet-friendly oils and flavours to make a delicious and healthy CBD oil specifically for cats.

CBD oil for cats is oil derived from the hemp variety of cannabis plants. This is the same as the CBD oil for humans and animals. What makes CBD oils for cats different is that it is made available without added terpenes.

Thus CBD oil for cats is exclusively sold for cats and is labeled according to the FDA and NASC guidelines. These organizations impose stern labeling practices that need to be followed while dealing with CBD products for pets. 

What is CBD ?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the abundantly found compounds in the hemp variety of cannabis Sativa plants. This naturally occurring compound is separated from the plant using standard extraction methods.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

Overall, CBD is well tolerated and seems safe for cats. 

However, the above statement is a general observation based on available anecdotal evidence and limited scientific research. There is definitely a need for documented clinical studies to be conducted on cats. This could help pet parents to access CBD for their cats with much more confidence.  

Appropriate dosage, choosing standard CBD products for your cats along with vet consultations could go a long way in making the best use of CBD.

Will CBD oil give your Cat a high?

CBD oil is non-psychoactive and does not pronounce any psychotropic effects on your cat.

Do CBD oil for cats and  CBD oil for humans taste the same?

In short – no. CBD products specifically manufactured for cats usually have added natural flavoring, such as fish or meat. This makes your cat more likely to actually ingest the CBD.  On the other hand, CBD for humans usually comes free of any additional flavourings – only the natural, earthy flavour of hemp can be tasted. However there are companies, which offer flavoured CBD oils. Some beloved flavours are vanilla, mint and chocolate. 

Is it legal to give my cat CBD oil?

Yes, it is legal to give CBD oil to cats. The law does not distinguish between CBD products for pets or humans. As long as the consumed CBD product does not contain more than 0.3% THC it is legal to purchase and administer to your cat.

Side effects of CBD oil for Cats

As with anything edible, some side-effects may occur.If you observe side effects such as vomiting, refusing to eat, excessive licking, head shaking, refusing to use the litter box, gastrointestinal upset, lower serum concentrations etc, stop giving your cat CBD.

Some cats simply don’t like CBD just like humans don’t like particular foods. If necessary, consultations with a pet doctor could be beneficial.

How to give cats CBD oil?

CBD can be administered sublingually in the form of oil or infused in their food.

CBD oil with fish flavour, chewables for cats enriched with multivitamins, etc are some of the CBD products that you can try for your cat.

How much CBD can cats have? 

When it comes to dosage, here is a general formula you can use:  For adult cats 1-2 drops 2-3 times per day. For kittens 1 drop 1-2 times per day.

You can find a more detailed guide on CBD dosage for cats here.

Always keep your cat’s weight in mind as it will determine the correct dosage. All NatuPet CBD products for cats contain suggested use and dosage information.

CBD in cat food

Mixing CBD oil in your cat’s food may just be the easiest way for your cat to ingest CBD without getting too suspicious. The taste of their favorite cat food will mask the taste of the CBD oil, making it almost impossible to detect. 

If you are using dry cat food, you could maybe dip the treats in the CBD cat oil for a bit, before giving it to your cat. 

CBD treats for cats

If using CBD oils is too inconvenient for you – maybe consider CBD treats for cats instead. As the name suggests, the treats are infused with CBD and allows for easy dosage and administration. Just like the oils, they contain a natural aroma, to make it more appealing to your cat. Always pay attention to the ingredients list.

This is very important, especially when you want to use CBD for cats with allergies. In comparison to the CBD oil, the treats for cats contain a lot more ingredients. Make sure your cat is not allergic to anything contained within the treats. Some cats with allergies may not be able to digest the CBD treats. 

What CBD is safe for cats

Not all CBD products are manufactured the same way. While humans can tolerate some amount of THC, cats can not. Therefore, do your research before you purchase any CBD products for your cat. Make sure the THC is non-detectable. Another thing to keep in mind is the carrier oil – it should be cat-friendly and easy and safe for a cat to digest. It should not have any added terpenes

No high-quality CBD brand should contain any chemicals or other contaminants in their products. But just in case – always check the label. This is especially true if your cat has any allergies.  

And last but not least, make sure that the CBD oil that you buy for your cats contain appropriate labels along with the dosage instructions and date of expiry.

Can I give my cat CBD along with medications?

Check with your veterinarian before giving CBD oil to your cat, especially if it is already taking any medicines for anxiety or other problems. Many Veterinarians are now knowledgeable about CBD and will be able to give you adequate advice.