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There is not a single dose that is suitable for all dogs. To calculate the correct CBD dose for your dog, make sure you know your pet’s weight in kilograms and also check the milligrams in the CBD oil product you are using.

There are no lethal consequences if your pet gets less or more CBD.

Let’s talk about the correct CBD dosage for dogs

Deciding the right dose of CBD for dogs may be confusing. The dosage can differ from one dog to the next. In general, we recommend for you start with a low dosage and observe your dog’s reaction.

Remember, some factors influence the dosage you give to your pet, but the most important is their size. This post will enlighten dog owners about how to easily dose CBD products for their dogs.

How much CBD can I give my dog?

There are two main categories of CBD for dogs; CBD treats or CBD oil for dogs. If you are using any of these types, it is wise to keep in mind that they have different concentrations. 

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When it comes to CBD oil for dogs, the best rule to keep in mind is 2 drops for every 10 kilograms of weight. Pay attention to your pet’s weight to be able to adjust the dosage well.

If you decide to use CBD treats for dogs, pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. Different treats have different concentrations of CBD.

Can my dog overdose on CBD?

This is an important question when administering any dose. Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely for your pet to overdose on CBD oil or CBD treats. Of course, every substance has a lethal amount; with CBD for dogs, it will take a monstrous amount to show any lethal effects on your pet.

If your dog is currently under any other medication, consult your vet before administering any CBD. If you observe any negative effects, simply stop giving CBD to your dog.

Things to consider when giving your dog CBD

First, consider the brand from which you buy CBD oil for your pet. Different brands will use different ingredients during production. Ensure you know the components in the CBD for dogs before buying.

The second thing to consider is the concentration of CBD. As you already know, different sizes of pets may require a different dosage of CBD. Some brands may supply a dosage chart of their products based on your pet’s size.

Lastly, check the Certificate of Analysis (COA). If you can’t find the COA, find another seller of CBD for dogs that have one.

Calculating CBD oil dosage for dogs

When you want to calculate the CBD oil dosage. First, make sure you know your pet’s weight in kilograms and then check the milligrams in the CBD oil product you are using. Bigger pets require more milligrams. CBD oil for dogs comes in different bottles with different CBD concentrations.

Let’s take a look at the following products:

  • CBD oil for dogs with 2,5% CBD (10ml or 30ml)
  • CBD oil for dogs with 4% CBD (10ml or 30ml)

Two different sizes and two different concentrations of CBD can present the opportunity for a variety of dosing options. Depending on whether you want the product to last longer or to be more concentrated, you can choose either a smaller or bigger size bottle with lower or higher content of CBD.

For smaller pets that are under 9Kgs, we recommend 1 or 2 drops per day, up to 2 times daily. An average of 2 – 9mg per day will be well tolerated.

For medium pets from 10- 27kgs, you can dose 2 drops per every 10kg of body weight, two or 3 times daily. This dose can be anywhere between 8mg per day up to 28mg per day, depending on how big your dog is, how concentrated the dog CBD oil is, and how often you feed it to your dog. 

For big dogs that go up to 50kgs, the expected dose is anywhere between 16mg and 48mg.

Going back to the two drops per 10kg rule, let’s look into how much CBD your dog should be getting. 

CBD Oil Dosage for Small Dogs

Both small dogs and puppies can enjoy CBD oil up to two times a day. Your pet’s size determines the amount of CBD oil dosage it will take. If you do not know how many kilograms your pet has, weigh your pet before giving any amount. 

Here are some calculation to get you started

Let’s take a look at the following products:

2,5% CBD oil for dogs 

Dog sizeServing sizeCBD per serving
1-5 kg1 x 1 drop1mg
5-10kg1x 2 drops2mg

4% CBD oil for dogs

Dog sizeServing sizeCBD per serving
1-5 kg1x 1 drop1,6mg CBD
5-10kg1x 2 drops3,2mg CBD

CBD Oil dosage for medium dogs

If your dog weighs anywhere between 11kg and 30kg, there are many dosage variations you can use, when giving it CBD. Here are some calculations to get you started:

When using 2,5% CBD oil for dogs, dose the product as follows:

Dog sizeServing sizeCBD per serving
2x 4 drops
4mg CBD
20-30kg2x 6 drops6mg CBD

If you opt for 4% CBD oil for dogs, the dosage looks something like that.

Dog sizeServing sizeCBD per serving
2x 4 drops
6,4mg CBD
2x 6 drops
9,6mg CBD

CBD Oil Dosage for Big Dogs

Larger dogs should go for higher concentrated CBD oil.  This might help you save the cost of buying several less concentrated bottles because big pets require more CBD oil for dogs. Check the dosing instruction on the bottle and follow them; this will help you avoid under-dosing your pet

Big pets can go up to 50kgs, so make sure you calculate the exact kilograms your pet has to help give the right amount of CBD for dogs. 

Here is what the dosage for big dogs could look like, if you use a 2,5% CBD oil for dogs.

Dog sizeServing sizeCBD per serving
30-40kg3x 8 drops8mg CBD
40-50kg3x 10 drops10mg CBD

Should you opt for the 4%, the dosage can go as follows:

Dog size
Serving size
CBD per serving
30-40kg3x 8 drops12,8mg CBD
40-50kg3x 10 drops16mg CBD

CBD Dosage for Old Dogs

The same dosage criteria apply to older pets. When you want to introduce any CBD products to your aging pet, consider their size too. Old or not weight is the primary consideration when using CBD for dogs. Shop for the best CBD products that are certified and with the right ingredients. You cannot afford any complications when you have an old pet!

How long would a bottle of CBD oil for dogs last for?

The answer to this question depends on your usage. Generally for small dogs, a 10ml bottle of CBD oil will last for about 2 months, while a 30ml bottle will be enough for up to 6 months.

For medium-sized dogs, a bottle of 10ml CBD oil may last from half a month to a month, where a 30ml bottle up to a month and a half. 

For big dogs, 10ml of dog CBD oil will not go very far, only about 2 weeks, while a 30ml CBD oil will go for a full month. 

There are just estimations based on the above-calculated dosage and will not apply to every dog.  Once you start giving CBD oil to your pet, you will quickly find out how long exactly a bottle of CBD oil lasts in your household. 

How long does CBD for dogs stay in a dog’s body?

Single-dose weather from CBD oil for dogs or CBD treats can generally take between 4 to 8 hours to digest. The duration in which CBD for dogs stays in their body varies with your pet’s breed, level of activeness, and even its size. It is also important to note that older pets take longer to digest food than younger puppies; this means that also CBD for dogs may take longer to digest by older pets.


Pets come in different shapes and sizes, and that is why we love them! When you want to give CBD to dogs, there isn’t a single dose that fits all! Find the right amount for your pet.

There is no lethal consequence if your pet gets a little less or more CBD for dogs when you are still figuring out the right dose to give. Although it might take some time, it’s also essential for you to get the correct dose for your pet.


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