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What is hyperactivity in dogs?

Hyperactivity in dogs is a common issue as in other pets. However, most pet owners do not recognize this issue because they do not know how to interpret the behaviors of their pets. Hyper dogs tend to misbehave a lot and cause a lot of destruction.

However, hyperactivity is not normal in dogs. Hyper dogs usually have some underlying issues that owners do not realize.

Why is my dog hyper?

Your dog could be hyper because of;

• Separation anxiety

• Issues of the nervous system

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• A response to a big change

• Lack of quality sleep

• Digestive system issues

• General anxiety

• Illness

Most of the time, when pet owners are dealing with a hyper dog, they have to handle things like aggression, whining, accidents, and chewing, as well as other bad behaviors. However, the same behaviors can be displayed when a dog is not content or seeking attention. Calming down a dog in this state can be quite challenging because you cannot speak to the dog. So you have to learn to just observe and interpret its behaviour.

Sometimes, hyperactivity in dogs is a counter-intuitive behavior. It may arise as a result of lack of quality sleep. It can also lead to the expression of too much energy and some significant behavioral issues in your dog. You may find that your pet may start acting groggy, or grumpy. 

Hyper dogs experience generalized anxiety. This is an issue that most dog owners find hard to understand. However, as pet owners struggle to understand the situation, the dog continues to suffer. In such situations, the dog will start to showcase nervous behaviors, agitation over the slightest noises and anger towards other pets and humans in their environment. All these behaviors are the dog’s way to distract itself from the feelings of anxiety.

Much like with human beings, hyper dogs tend to have too much energy as compared with others. However, these dogs do not notice or know that their energy is not equal to others. Some breeds are more vulnerable to hyperactivity than others. However, they can come up in all types and breeds of dogs at any time of their lives. Most dog owners do not know how to handle their dogs in such situations. This is mostly because they run out of positive outlets for the excess energy. 

Sometimes, since dogs do not know how to express themselves, they mask their nervous system issues with hyperactivity. They have a hard time relaxing and staying still. Sometimes, they also experience symptoms like tremors, spasms and ticks. These added symptoms make it literally impossible for them to calm down.

Separation anxiety is a common issue with dogs that are too reliant on their human companions or owners. This is especially an issue with dogs that live in apartment settings. They react to being apart from their owners by whining, excessive barking and sometimes they start acting destructive. This means that every time you leave, you may come home to destruction of your possessions. Some owners interpret this as misbehavior. However, it is a reaction to loneliness and separation anxiety. It is also a result of fear of abandonment, both emotionally and physically. Your dog will start behaving badly because they do not know a better way of expressing these emotions. 

How to help a hyper dog?

Most pet owners respond to hyper dogs by giving them outlets for their excess energy. However, sometimes this does not work. While there isn’t a specific cure to the issue, different dog owners experiment with different techniques until they find something that helps their dog. 

Here are a few things you could try:

  • Engage your dog – give it something to do 
  • Reward calm behaviour
  • Watch and note your dog’s behaviour to find out what triggers the hyperactivity. 

Hyperactivity as a result of separation anxiety

Hyperactivity as a result of separation anxiety can be combated by making your dog associate “alone time” with something enjoyable. Once you come home, make sure you sit down with your dog and pay some attention to it. A reassuring gesture that everything is fine is to feed them something tasty, like CBD dog treats. By creating this habit, your dog will have something to look forward to when you come back and will no longer negatively associate alone time. 

What is CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil in general is a tincture containing CBD from hemp, dissolved in a carrier oil. CBD oil for dogs does not contain added terpenes, which may not be well digested by your dog.

Is CBD safe for my dog?

The answer to this question is that it really depends on the product. CBD products, formulated for humans should not be given to a dog, just like you as a person will not really want to eat dog food. With that said, CBD products, especially formulated for dogs, such as CBD dog treats, CBD chews or dental sticks are safe for your dog. 

Tips on Giving CBD to hyper dogs

As mentioned above, hyperactivity in dogs is very often triggered by anxiety.  The way to keep a dog calm is to keep its mind busy and focused on something enjoyable. Some pet CBD companies sell readymade CBD treats that you can purchase. Just like with any food, CBD treats can be used to train your dog to stay calm. Hyper and anxious dogs often refuse to eat, so a good way to give CBD treats to your dogs is to come up with an engaging way to serve them. 

Using an interactive puzzle feeder, which keeps the dog engaged, may be a great way to give CBD to your hyper dog. There are also many DIY interactive feeders you can use. 

Nonetheless, you can add CBD oil to your dog’s favourite treats like bacon and peanut butter. 

How to choose the best CBD for dogs?

The CBD oil industry has recently become very big with so many companies producing similar products. Therefore, you may need some guidance when choosing the best CBD products for your dog. Below are some factors you need to consider before introducing CBD to your dog through dog treats;

What is the source of the CBD?

The first thing you should consider is the source of the CBD that is used in the product. The best CBD products for pets should be extracted from certified  hemp plans.

Has the CBD dog product been tested?

You also need to make sure that the CBD product is tested by a third party. This will help you ensure that you are feeding your pet with the highest quality of products. The last thing you want is to give your pet something that will cause more harm than good. Reputable CBD brands should provide easy access to any quality certificates. Additional information can also be given on the packaging  of the CBD product.

Does the CBD product contain THC?

THC is the component in cannabis that causes euphoria. It is responsible for the high that people feel when they consume certain strains of cannabis, known as marijuana. Pet CBD products should be 100% THC free  or alternatively contain undetectable amounts of THC, to ensure your dog’s safety. 

Is the CBD organic?

It is always wiser to go for natural and organic CBD products. You can go further and choose CBD products without any gluten for the overall health benefit of your pet. These CBD products are also safer.

Pay attention to the ingredients list 

Make sure the CBD product does not contain any ingredients that could cause harm to your pet. Make sure you go through the CBD ingredients list entirely before you decide to give the CBD product to your furry friend. Some dog CBD products may contain favouring flavouring or even additional ingredients not found in the hemp plant. As a responsible pet owner, you have to make sure your dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients. 

How much CBD can I give to my dog?

There is no exact amount of CBD that you can give to your dog. Consult your veterinarian, take into account the weight and size of your dog.  Also, take a look at our dosage guide, to get an idea of how much CBD you can give to your dog. 

Bottom line

Hyperactivity in dogs can be caused by many things. From a health condition to psychological needs. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to identify what is making your dog hyper and experiment with different tactics until you find what helps calm down your dog. 

If you decide to give your hyperactive dog CBD, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Overall, CBD for dogs comes in many forms and if the manufacturer adheres to the safety standards, you should not worry when giving it to your pets. 


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