Are terpenes really dangerous for pets?
Terpenes present in CBD and terpene-rich hemp oils combine well with CBD’s properties contributing to the entourage effect. Isolated terpenes, as well as products with an enhanced terpene profile, can be toxic to pets.

The suggested starting dose would be 2mg per 5 kg of body weight. The suitable dosing is determined by the cat’s body weight and the concentration of the CBD oil.

There are many products available on the market. NatuPet’s line of high-quality pet products includes CBD oils for dogs and cats and CBD Stix for dogs.

The term endocannabinoid system has become quite popular in recent times. It has gained extensive interest and popularity on the internet, social media, and across people from various walks of life.

There is not a single dose that is suitable for all dogs. To calculate the correct CBD dose for your dog, make sure you know your pet’s weight in kilograms and also check the milligrams in the CBD oil product you are using.