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NatuPet is a part of the  Nordic Oil family dedicated to developing high-quality and versatile CBD products
for pets.

Why NatuPet?

We believe that your pet is an integral part of the family and they deserve the very best care you can give them.

We are proud to offer carefully formulated CBD products for the comfort and care of your pet.

All of our CBD is sourced from certified European suppliers that undergo regular quality checks.

Our customer service specialists are experts in CBD and are on hand by phone, email and chat to answer all your questions.

Recommended by vets

“I’ve been using CBD on my cat for a while now, and it’s really been a rewarding experience. Following such positive results, I’ve also been recommending CBD products to clients at my veterinary practice and many of them also tell me how much it has helped their pets."

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CBD for pets FAQ

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of two main cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is a naturally-occurring substance used in oils, topical solutions and edibles. CBD will not cause a high.

THC is the second main cannabinoid in the Cannabis Sativa plant and is what causes a high. All our CBD products contain, at most, only trace (<0.2%) amounts of THC, which is way to low to cause an effect.

How does CBD work?

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. It inhibits the enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of endocannabinoids and therefore increases the availability of endocannabinoids in the body.

What is this endocannabinoid system made up of?

Endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes together make up the ECS system.

Endocannabinoids are molecules that are naturally produced ( endogenous) in the human body. These are similar to the cannabinoid compounds of the cannabis plant.

The receptors are present in the nervous system and immune system, and the enzymes are the substances that regulate the rate at which chemical reactions take place in the body.

Are terpenes really dangerous for pets?
Terpenes present in CBD and terpene-rich hemp oils combine well with CBD’s properties contributing to the entourage effect. Isolated terpenes, as well as products with an enhanced terpene profile, can be toxic to pets.

The suggested starting dose would be 2mg per 5 kg of body weight. The suitable dosing is determined by the cat’s body weight and the concentration of the CBD oil.

There are many products available on the market. NatuPet’s line of high-quality pet products includes CBD oils for dogs and cats and CBD Stix for dogs.

The term endocannabinoid system has become quite popular in recent times. It has gained extensive interest and popularity on the internet, social media, and across people from various walks of life.

There is not a single dose that is suitable for all dogs. To calculate the correct CBD dose for your dog, make sure you know your pet’s weight in kilograms and also check the milligrams in the CBD oil product you are using.

Is CBD safe for my pet?

Yes. NatuPet products have been developed specifically for your pet, and are therefore safe to use. CBD products that don’t contain added terpenes are safe for pets to consume.

How to give CBD to pets?

Always keep in mind the size of your pet when choosing CBD products. You could orally administer CBD oil directly into your pet’s mouth. The could also be scalable according to the size of animals and can be mixed with food such as treats or wet food.

Soft chews and hard biscuits are the easiest forms of administration, but you should always keep an eye on the , and adjust the intake as necessary. 

Can humans take pet CBD oil?

In short – yes, but it will probably not taste good. CBD oil for humans and for pets are not the same. Although the source of the CBD in both is hemp-derived, there are some key differences. CBD products for pets are designed specifically to suit the taste preferences of animals (i.e. CBD oil for dogs in beef and chicken flavors, and CBD oil for cats with a fish flavor). Furthermore, CBD products for pets should not have any added terpenes, as opposed to those created for human consumption.

Do vets approve of the use of CBD for pets?

There is a demand load from pet owners on vets for endorsing CBD products. Vets are slowly keeping pace and are working to see possibilities of incorporating CBD for pets alongside other therapies. Some vets are skeptical due to the lack of double-blind published studies, but many already endorse it. In short, if your vet is hesitant to talk, go ahead, feel free to initiate the conversation.

Can my pet overdose on CBD?

No. It’s highly unlikely for your pet to overdose on CBD oil or CBD treats. Of course, every substance has a lethal amount; with CBD for pets, it will take a monstrous amount to show any lethal effects on your pet.

How long does CBD stay in a pet’s body?

Single-dose weather from CBD oil for pets or CBD treats can generally take between 4 to 8 hours to digest. The duration in which CBD for pets stays in their body varies with your pet’s type, breed, level of activeness, and even its size.